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RMW Signature Massage

Raleigh Massage & Wellness Signature Massage combines our top treatments into one service. Receive an aromatherapy relaxation massage that incorporates hot stone massage on the back and your choice of paraffin for your hands or sugar foot scrub for your feet.(65min/$105)


Relaxation Massage

Tough day at work? Maybe the stress of everyday life has you down? Our relaxation massage is just the key for you. This massage uses basic Swedish massage techniques to target the superficial (top) layers of your muscles. Leave your session feeling energized and rejuvenated. (50min/$65, 80min/$85)


Therapeutic Massage

Our Therapeutic Massage uses deep tissue techniques to target the deeper levels of muscle tissue to promote muscle tone, joint mobility, and increased circulation to various areas of the body. Great for  people who experience chronic pain, athletes or those who just love a deeper massage.(50min/$75, 80min$100)


Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a type of massage geared toward athletes. This massage prepares an athletes body for optimal performance, by targeting the athletes overused and stressed muscles in different areas of the body 

(50min/$75, 80min/$100)


Mother to Be Massage

Pregnancy is a very special time for most mothers. It can also be a very uncomfortable time with all the changes your body goes through. What a perfect time for a massage! Our Mother to Be Massage uses various massage and stretching techniques that target the common areas of discomfort associated with pregnancy. (50min/$65)

*note: must be at least 14 weeks and have a signed note from your physician stating you are able to receive massage*


RMW Hot Stone Massage

What do basalt stones, heat, and massage have in common? Find out when you select our hot stone massage. In this treatment basalt  stones are submerged in water and heated in a warmer. The stones are then combined with massage to provide greater relaxation or allow deeper muscle work.(80min/$120)



This treatment is done solely on the feet.  Pressure is applied to specific points on the feet. These points correspond with specific organs and systems in the body. By pressing these areas, the massage creates a beneficial effect to these organs and body systems. (50min/$65)



Add any of these treatments to "uplift" and enhance your treatment

Choose from the following:

Aromatherapy $5

Sugar Foot Scrub $5

Parrafin: $6

Hot Stone (back or feet) $10

Head & Scalp Massage $15

Reflexology $20



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